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South Korean boy band consisting of 6-member. In late 2009 they debut under Cube Entertainment. They released their fist mini-album on October 14, 2009. Nowadays, this group very popular like 4Minute, G.NA and A Pink their same company group.
The Member:
Birth Name: Yoon Doo Joon (윤두준)
Stage Name: Doo Joon (
D.O.B: July 4, 1989
Homeplace: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Leader, Vocalist & Rapper
Height: 180cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies / Specialties: Listening to hip-hop & R&B, Soccer, Playing games, Vocal & Rap

Doo Joon was a trainee at JYP Entertainment and he was a candidate for in the Mnet Yeolhyeolnama (열혈남아, "Hot Blooded Men") with 2AM and 2PM but has been eliminated.
Featuring for AJ / Gi Kwang - 눈물을 닦고 (Wiping the Tears) MV (April 2009) along with his member Jong Hyun.
He became a member of reality-variety series "Danbi", part of MBC Sunday Sunday Night line-up.
In 2010, he debut as an actor through MBC TV sitcom "More Charming by the Day" as baseball club captain and MBC TV sitcom "All My Love" as Yoon Doo Joon.
Starred in G.NA - 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better) MV (July 2010).
Featuring for Yang Pa - Bon Appetit (March 2011).

Featuring for Sinsa Dong Tiger Project - Should I Hug You or Not (April 2011) along with his member Jun Hyung & Gi Kwang.
Featuring for Eluphant - Kidult (June 2011).
 Cameo appearance in MBC A Thousand Kisses for episode 6 (September 2011).
 Starred in KBS2 Iris II as Seo Hyun Woo (February 2013). 

Birth Name: Jang Hyun Seung (장현승)
Stage Name: Hyun Seung (

D.O.B: September 3, 1989
Position: Lead Vocalist & Lead Dancer
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies / Specialties: Web surfing, Bowling & Beat box

Hyun Seung attempted to join Big Bang but failed to make the cut.
Release debut album with 4Minute's HyunA for co-ed subunit Trouble Maker (December, 2011).
 Solo in I Am, I'm Music - Mozart! Musical OST (July 2012).
 Duet with APink (Eun Ji & Nam Joo) in One Year Ago - A Cube For Season # White album (January 2013).

Birth Name: Yong Jun Hyung (용준형)
Stage Name: Joker / Jun Hyung (

D.O.B: December 19, 1989
Homeplace: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Main Rapper & Vocalist
Height: 179cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies / Specialties: Composing, Movies & Dance

Jung Hyung was first a member of Xing along with Kevin from U-KISS.

Featuring for AJ / Gi Kwang - 눈물을 닦고 (Wiping the Tears) MV (April 2009) along with his member Doo Joon.
Featuring for Hyun A - Change MV (January 2010).

Featuring for Amerie with 4Minute - Heard 'Em All (Remix) (February 2010).
Featuring for G.NA - 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better) MV (July 2010).
Featuring for Faddy Robot - Faddy Robot (September 2010).
Featuring for Group of 20 - Let's Go (October 2010).

Featuring for Young Jee - Crazy, That's What Love Is (November 2010).
Featuring for Navi - Go Again (January 2011).
Featuring for Wheesung - Words That Freeze My Heart (March 2011).

Featuring for Sinsa Dong Tiger Project - Should I Hug You or Not (April 2011) along with his member Doo Joon & Gi Kwang.
Featuring for 015B with 4Minute - Silly Boy (June 2011).
Featuring for Hyun A - A Bitter Day (June 2011).
Featuring for Kim Wan Sun - Be Quite composed by himself & Shinsadong Tiger (October 2011).

Duet with Yo Seob & Dong Woon in Dreaming - MBC I'm A Flower Too OST (November 2011).
Featuring for Ali - Don't Act Countrified (2011).

Featuring for Prepix with Esna & Beenzino - What I See (April 2012).
Featuring for APink - Up to the Sky - Une Annee album (May 2012).
Featuring for Eru - 미워요 (I Hate You) (August 2012).
Featuring for Natthew - She's Bad (November 2012).
Featuring for Yo Seob - Caffeine (MV) & composed other two song in this album (November 2012).
 Duet with BIGSTAR's FeelDog & EXID's LE in You Got Some Nerve (MV) (February 2013).
✮ Featuring for Lyn - Glass Heart / Breakable Heart (MV) (April 2013).  

Birth Name: Yang Yo Seob (양요섭)
Stage Name: Yo Seob (
D.O.B: January 5, 1990
Homeplace: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 174cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies / Specialties: Composing, Beat box, Jalmeokgi & Vocals

Yo Seob was first a M-Boat trainee.
He was once back-up dancer for AJ - Dancing Shoes and Wiping the Tears MV (2009).

Solo in Happy Birthday - MBC More Charming by the Day OST (July 2010).
Released digital single with Dalmatian's Daniel - First Snow and First Kiss (November 2010).
Solo in I Cherish That Person - MBC My Princess OST (January 2011).

Starred in Gwanghwamun Sonata Musical as Jiyong (March 2011).
Featuring for Bang Yong Gook - I Remember (August 2011).
Solo in No - KBS Poseidon OST (September 2011).
Duet with Jung Hyung & Dong Woon in Dreaming - MBC I'm A Flower Too OST (November 2011).

Duet with APink (Eun Ji) in Love Day - A Cube For Season # Green album (March 2012).
Released Digital single for Road for Hope OST Part.1 with Ji Yoon, G.NA, & Lee Chang Sub - 희망로드대장정 (Be Alright) (July 2012).
Debut as solo with his 1st Mini album - The First Collage (November, 2012).
 Featuring for Prepix - When I Get Paid - Look to Listen album (January 2013).
 Duet with Cube Girls in Perfume - Cube Voice Project album (April 2013).
 Duet with Dong Woon, BTOB (Chang Sub & Il Hoon) in Bye Bye Love - MBC When A Man's In Love OST (April 2013).

Birth Name: Lee Gi Kwang (이기광)
Stage Name: AJ / Gi Kwang (

D.O.B: March 30, 1990
Homeplace: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist
Height: 174cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies / Specialties: Movies, Sports & Dance

Gi Kwang originally debut as AJ (Ace Junior), taking a shot as a solo singer and released a mini-album "First Episode: A New Hero" on April 2009.

Starred in K.Will - 선물 (Present) MV along with U-Kiss (Dong Ho) & MBLAQ (Thunder) (March 2010).
Featuring for An Jin Kyoung - Love Is Pathetic (August 2010).
He debut as an actor through MBC TV sitcom "High Kick Through the Roof" (2009) as Kang Se Ho and MBC korean drama "My Princess" (January 2011) as Lee Geon (Royal chief).
Featuring for Sinsa Dong Tiger Project - Should I Hug You or Not (April 2011) along with his member Doo Joon & Jun Hyung.

Starred in APink - 몰라요 (I Don't Know) MV (April 2011).
Co-host for different shows such as "Hot Brothers", "Win Win" (2010) and SBS Inkigayo (2011).
Starred in Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus MV (June 2011).
Featuring for Brave Brothers - Break Up (July 2011).

Starred in MBC Me Too, Flower! as Jo Ma Roo (November 2011).
Starred in Ailee - Heaven MV (February 2012).
 Appeared in SBS variety show Running Man for episode 127 with Supreme Team's Simon D & C.N.Blue's Yong Hwa & Jong Hyun (January 2013).

Birth Name: Son Dong Woon (손동운)
Stage Name: Dong Woon (
D.O.B: June 6, 1991
Homeplace: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Vocalist & Rapper
Height: 181cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies / Specialties: Composing, Reading, Piano & Traditional chinese

Dong Woon was trained for 2 years with JYP Entertainment.
Released digital single with Davichi's Kang Min Kyung - Udon (December 2010).
Duet with Jung Hyung & Yo Seob in Dreaming - MBC I'm A Flower Too OST (November 2011).

 Duet with Yo Seob, BTOB (Chang Sub & Il Hoon) in Bye Bye Love - MBC When A Man's In Love OST (April 2013).


Yo Seob

1st Mini ~ The First Collage
Released: November 26, 2012

1. Look At Me Now
2. Caffeine [feat. Jun Hyung]
3. 하던 대로 해 (Just Do As You Always Did)
4. 그래도 나는 (Even Then, I)
5. 그대는 모르죠 (You Don't Know)

Trouble Maker [Hyun Seung+4Minute (HyunA)]
1st Mini ~ Trouble Maker
Released: December 1, 2011

1. Trouble Maker
2. The Words I Don't Want to Hear (듣기 싫은 말)
3. Time! [HyunA solo feat. Rado]
4. Don't You Mind (아무렇치 않니) [Hyun Seung solo]




3rd Single ~ Midnight (Hoshi wo Kazoeru Yoru)
Released: October 17, 2012
1. Midnight ~星を数える夜~

2. Ame ga Furu Hi ni wa ~雨が降る日には~
3. Midnight ~星を数える夜~ (Instrumental)
4. Ame ga Furu Hi ni wa ~雨が降る日には~ (Instrumental)


2nd Single ~ Bad Girl (Regular Edition)
Released: June 15, 2011
1. Bad Girl (Japanese Version)
2. Bad Girl (Korean Version)
3. Shock (Korean Version) (SONPUB Remix)
4. Bad Girl (Instrumental)

1st Single ~ Shock (Regular Edition)
Released: March 16, 2011
1. Shock (Japanese Version)
2. When The Door Closes
3. Thanks To
4. Let It Snow

1st Album ~ So Beast

Released: August 10, 2011
1. Fiction (Japanese Ver.)
2. Bad Girl (Japanese Ver.)
3. Shock (Japanese Ver.)
4. Mystery (Japanese Ver.)
5. Soom
6. Beautiful
7. On Rainy Days (
비가 오는 날엔)
8. V.I.U (Very Important U)
9. Virus
10. You
11. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.) (Japanese Ver.)
12. Rainbow (무지개) (Bonus Track)

1st ~ Genesis of BEAST
Released: March 2, 2011
1. BEAST is the B2ST (PV)
2. Bad Girl (PV)
3. Just Before Shock (PV)
4. SHOCK (Korean Ver.) (PV)
5. Soom (PV)
6. Bad Girl Making Film
7. SHOCK (Korean Ver.) Making Film
8. Soom Making Film

1. Genesis of BEAST
2. BEAST is the Best
a. BEAST is the Best 1

b. BEAST is the Best 2
c. BEAST is the Best 3
BEAST is the Best 4
BEAST is the Best 5
BEAST is the Best 6


5th Mini ~ Midnight Sun
Released: July 22, 2012
1. Midnight (별 헤는 밤; The Night I Count the Stars)
2. Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤이야)
3. Not Me (내가 아니야)
4. When I Miss You (니가 보고 싶어지면)
5. The Day You Rest (니가 쉬는 날)
6. Dream Girl

4th Mini ~ Lights Go On Again
Released: November 9, 2010
1. Lights Go On Again
2. Beautiful
3. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best)
4. Lightless
5. I'm Sorry


3rd Mini ~ Mastermind
Released: September 30, 2010
1. Mastermind
2. 숨 (Breathe)
3. V.I.U (Very Important U)
4. Break Down
5. 주먹을 꽉 쥐고 (Clenching a Tight Fist)


2nd Mini ~ Shock of the New Era
Released: March 1, 2010
1. Just Before Shock
2. Shock
3. Special
4. 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No) (Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No))
5. Easy

1st Mini ~ Beast Is the B2ST
Released: October 14, 2009
1. Beast Is the B2ST
2. Bad Girl
3. Mystery
4. 아직은 (Yet)
5. Oasis

1st Album ~ Fiction & Fact

Released: May 17, 2011
1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back To You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. 불러보지만 (Though I Call)
8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
9. Lightless (Unplugged Version)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Version)


1st Album ~ My Story
Released: December 21, 2010
1. 문이 닫히면 (When The Door Closes)
2. Thanks To
3. Let It Snow
4. Light Go On Again (Full Version)


~ 8th album-Chapter 1: Lyn [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Glass Heart/Breakable Heart
~ Look to Listen album: Prepix [feat. BEAST (Yo Seob)] ~ When I Get Paid
~ A Cube For Season album: A Pink (Eun Ji & Nam Joo) [feat. BEAST (Hyun Seung)] ~ One Year Ago

~ Debut album: Nattew [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ She's Back
~ 2nd Mini-Feel Brand New Part.2: Eru [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ I Hate You
~ 2nd Mini-Good Boy: Baek Ji Young [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Good Boy
~ Vol.1-Une Annee: A Pink [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Up To The Sky

~ What I See album: Prepix [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung), Beenzino, Esna] ~ What I See
~ A Cube For Season album: A Pink (Eun Ji) [feat. BEAST (Yo Soeb)] ~ Love Day

~ 1st Album-Soul-ri: Ali [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Don't Act Countrified
~ Be Quite Single: Kim Wan Sun [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Be Quite
~ Debut Single-I Remember: Bang Yong Gook [feat. BEAST (Yo Seob)] ~ I Remember
~ 6th Project Album-Break Up: Brave Brothers [feat. BEAST (Gi Kwang)] ~ Break Up
~ 1st Mini-Bubble Pop!: 4Minute (Hyun A) [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ A Bitter Day
~ Mini Album-20th Century Boy: 015B [feat. 4Minute & BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Silly Boy
~ Vol.2-Man On The Earth: Eluphant [feat. BEAST (Doo Joon)] ~ Kidult
~ Vol.4-The Best Bang (Asia Limited Bang!!): BEAST ~ Niji
~ Mini Album-Elegy Nouveau: Yang Pa [feat. BEAST (Doo Joon)] ~ Bon Appetit
~ Mini Album-Words That Freeze My Heart: Wheesung [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Words That Freeze My Heart
~ Vol.1-Hello: Navi [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Go Again


~ Single Album-Crazy, That's What Love Is: Young Jee [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Crazy Love
~ 1st Single-The Voice: An Jin Kyoung [feat. BEAST (Gi Kwang)] ~ Love Is Pathetic
~ 1st Mini-Draw G's First Breath: G.NA [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better
~ 2nd Mini-Hit Your Heart: 4Minute [feat. BEAST] ~ Who's Next?
~ 1st Single-Change: 4Minute (Hyun A) [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Change

Digital Single
~ Digital Single: BEAST ~ I'm Sorry
~ Cube Voice Project: Cube Girls [feat. BEAST (Yo Seob)] ~ Perfume
~ Digital Single: BIGSTAR (FeelDog) & EXID (LE) [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ You Got Some Nerve

~ Digital Single: BEAST ~ 이럴 줄 알았어 (I Knew It)
~ U-Cube Digital Single: 4Minute, G.NA & BEAST ~ Fly So High
~ Sinsa Dong Tiger Super Market Project: BEAST (Dong Woon) ~ In The Cloud

~ Digital Single: A Pink [feat. BEAST] ~ Skinny Pink
~ Sinsa Dong Tiger Project Supermarket-The Half: BEAST (Doo Joon, Jun Hyung & Gi Kwang) ~ Should I Hug You or Not


~ Digital Single: Kang Min Kyung (Davichi) [duet. BEAST (Dong Woon)] ~ Udon
~ Digital Single: Daniel (Dalmatian) [duet. BEAST (Yo Seob)] ~ First Snow & First Kiss
~ Group of 20: BEAST (Jun Hyung) [feat. Various KPop Artist] ~ Let's Go!
~ Faddy Robot Foundation: Faddy Robot [feat. BEAST (Jun Hyung)] ~ Faddy Robot

KDrama OST
2013 April
MBC When A Man's In Love OST: BTOB (Chang Sub & Il Hoon) [feat. BEAST (Yo Seob & Dong Woon)] ~ Bye Bye Love
2013 February
KBS2 IRIS II OST PT.3: BEAST ~ Black Paradise
2012 June
KBS2 Big OST: BEAST ~ 미운사람 (Hateful Person)
2011 November
MBC I'm A Flower Too OST: BEAST (Jun Hyung, Yo Seob & Dong Woon) ~ Dreaming
2011 September
KBS Poseidon OST: BEAST (Yo Seob) ~ No
2011 January
MBC My Princess OST: BEAST ~ Because Of You
: BEAST (Yo Seob) ~ Cherish That Person
2010 December
MBC All My Love OST: BEAST ~ Loving U
2010 July
MBC More Charming By The Day OST: BEAST (Yo Seob) ~ Happy Birthday
2010 January
KBS2 Master Of Study OST: BEAST ~ Ready Go
2009 November
Attack Of The Gas Station Movie OST: BEAST ~ Crazy
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